Clean and Ready to Move In

Large 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment in the Wailua Houselots
$1,500 per month including utilities
Fully furnished, all appliances, linens, dishes etc.
1 mile from Wailua beach, 5 minutes walk to trails or park
Spacious living room, closets, shelves, dining area in kitchen
Downstairs of home with private entrance
Washer and dryer in shared laundry room

Month to month OK
No smoking/drugs/parties/HUD and nightshifts
2 people / 2 cars / 2 pets maximum, $100 discount for single occupant without pets and one car, $50 discount for 1 car only.
Cats need to be indoor only as we and many neighbors have cats who are intolerant of newcomers and fight loudly at night.
Dogs need to be small and well behaved, get along with cats, other dogs and children and not bark. 20 pounds maximum, and there is no yard / place to let them outside.
Utilities included (baseline established, if they go up by an unreasonable amount we will pass on the difference)
1 month deposit required, extra pet deposit.
No subletting, subleasing, airbnb; 2 house guests maximum at a time, and no more then 21 guest nights per year total.

If interested please read on below the photos.

    We live upstairs and have a 11 year old daughter, 2 cats and 2 medium sized, young, playful and energetic dogs. There is a lot of running and playing during the day, and we have wood floors, so it can be loud downstairs between 8am and 7pm.

    It is usually quiet in the evening and at night. If you listen to loud music, TV or have frequent parties at night, or want to sleep or work from home during the day, this is not the place for you. Please do not apply if you work shifts, or even occasional nightshifts, or have unusual sleep patterns or are up at night a lot.

    We are semi-vegetarian and try to eat as much local as possible and work towards being sustainable. We recycle, grow fruit and a few veggies, compost, have solar electricity and solar hot water, energy saving devices and drive an electric car.

    Solar hot water occasionally means lukewarm showers, solar electricity means the electrical dryer can only run between 11am and 2:30pm and several other high-power devices are limited to certain times as well. We really hope for tenants who can understand the reasons behind our desire to depend less on fossil fuels and use clean energy only, and will accept some of the problems early adopters of green energy face.

    There is a possibility to also rent a boatgarage / large storage right next to the apartment.

    If interested call Sonja or Andy at 652-0591 or 822-1794 or send an email.