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Beach Art

Round Brown Frame
Brown-white frame

Pink Frame
Yellow Frame
Ca 12cm


Me “… help you only if you don’t go on strike.”
Leilani “you *have to* turn youtube back on at 2:30 instead of 5pm”
Me “Yes, maybe we should negotiate… do you know hw to negotiate?”
Leilani – without thinking even for a split second: “Yes. Take a hostage.”

The Window… or why Hawaii is not Paradise

I tried to open the window and realized the mechanism was so corroded it broke so I googled the part and realized the manufacturer was out of business so I went to take a photo to have the part made …
10 minutes later I found the camera in the bathroom (teenagers…) and when I wanted to take a photo I realized the plants were in the way so I moved them and they needed watering so I watered them.
It was dirty where the plants had been so I cleaned it …
10 minutes later I took the photos and when I moved back the plants I had overwatered 2 which I cleaned and I realized they needed more potting soil (in HI strangely soil just disappears, and pots have to be refilled several times a year) and I knew where the bag was before the hurricane prep so I went looking for it …
10 minutes later I had found hay (3/4 of a 40$ bale) in plastic bags, 5 other things way out of place after the cleanup of the hurricane preparations, a flat tire on my bike and wanted to write this down when I found my computer out of charge and went looking for the cable…
In the meantime I had given up on the potting soil and wanted to move back the plants and realized they had aphids and thought about looking for Safer Soap to spray them. I gave up and found the cable.
10 minutes later I try to go to my own blog and realize, because I don’t pay to be prioritized the blog is so throttled (by a lack of net neutrality) that it takes 5 minutes to navigate to the posting page (including a login).
I went back to bed.

Epilogue: I had barely typed it up, and Andy announced he had found the bag… I let him read this, got up, repotted the African Violets, took care of the aphids, found a bag of succulent potting soil and remembered these needed it even worse than the violets…
An hour later…sweeping… shaking the rugs… bathroom… litter box… feeding the geckos… chickens…power washing the driveway that’s so slippery that it’s dangerous… cleaning up after the power washing… realizing it is 12:30 and we have not had breakfast…(it was my morning off btw.)

Snorkeling Camp

Rooster for Sale, other Pets (and some People)

How to sleep in when the sun is shining and the rooster is crowing

Lots of rooster photos, we are trying to find him a new home…

That’s Hehe. Nobody would want him, except for the hens… he dances Flamenco and woes the ladies…

Jahi sitting pretty waiting for dinner