Kids photograph Kids

Leilani took her camera to school and shared it freely. I took a few, a few elementary school aged kids took a few, but most all of the photos were taken by preschoolers. It is a long post with lots of photos, but I want to preserve the memory of Leilani’s friends on one of their last days together. This fall most of them will be in Kindergarten

I found that in between, makes a good alternat title for this post. “What I See”

They played a ball game. From the left Bigil (Nikhil’s sister in the pink sweater), last in the row with Leilani: Antony, then Oscar, next is Josselyn then Leilani and the big girl is Jennifer, (Antony’s sister).

From the left: Standing: Nina, Ezequiel, Sophia, can’t figure out who is next, sitting behind Estefanie ( Antony’s sister) and teacher Liselle. The other row from the back: Antony, Jennifer, Oscar, Josselyn and Leilani

Bella (Camille’s sister)


Bigil and Sophia

They raised and released butterflies.

Dylan, Nikhil and Anthony


Nina and Bigil… too close…



Camille, Samantha S, Marianna and Bigil

Regina, Lily and Josselyn

Jay and Teacher Liselle

Liselle with Jay, Leilani and Camille

Leilani and Sophia


Teacher Liselle

Dylan, Ezequiel, Bigil and Nikhil


Regina and Lily

Samantha B


Susan and Bella

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