Field Trip

Excitedly they awaited their train

and waved to all the other trains


“I think I can see my school!”

…the trip was so short, it was almost time to get out…

walking to Washington Park

I think Leilani really enjoyed her hair standing up almost as much as sliding

Just when you think it could not stand up any worse


Unfortunately Leilani got very upset because she could not do the monkey bars. She has little upper body strength, and it is something she never practices. Josselyn and James were really good at it.

Leilani sat underneath the play structure pouting and crying and did not come out for the group photo. I had no success getting her out, Brigidan had to talk to her.

Going back the train was late and we sat and sang for a while.

We found this Clarkia on our way home.

Author: Sonja

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