Pi Pi Campground – the Mushrooms

Memorial Day weekend, a bit early for the Sierra, but we heard of Pi Pi campground in the foothills from the Mushroom club. No, it had nothing to do with Pippi Longstocking… we went there for morels and flowers.

We found enough mushrooms to have 6 meals of them. A few very tasty morels (we think they all got picked before us) and some very crunchy Spring Kings (boletus). We only regretted one thing… we did not bring a nice frying pan. They were still very tasty, and now we do have a special camping frying pan and a bigger camping pot.

Putting the gold pan (more on that later) to good use:

Blond morel, one of the few:

It was the boletes, not far from the campground, that made the trip:

And made Sonja smile:

Author: Sonja

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